To state that I am obsessed with South East Asian cuisine might be the grossest understatement of 2014, or my life. However there is one item I was previously at odds with - noodles. Yes, whether they happened to be glass or buckwheat; the very sight of them used to make me reconsider whether I really was that hungry.

Don't get it twisted here, as a child who carried multiple lunches that induced 'ewww's'  and 'are you really going to eat that' from my peers I know the struggle. My aversion wasn't born from disgust just the fact that I choke really easily on anything stringy (I had this one disastrous encounter with french onion soup that had me in church on my knees thanking God for my life - No lie.)

Below are a few images of the meal Gelline and I had a little while ago.

I am a believer and have firmly proclaimed my love for buckwheat noodles in the noodle aisle scary cute old ajuma's, halmoni's and the like.