I've been reading a little Aristotelian philosophy which would usually be irrelevant except for the fact that my brain has reached a new level of dead - which birthed this outfit. My textbook caring outfit which ensures maximal coziness and comfort for the three hundred positions I contort myself into while trying to do readings. Apart from that the last few times that I wore this sweater left me dissatisfied to say the least. I felt that the yellow was overwhelming my considerations of overall silhouette. It wasn't until I paired it with these bomb sweatpants (I know the day has come) and my used and abused boots that I saw a little potential. Or maybe it's the fact that I stopped caring if I exposed a little bra strap and such. Suddenly I found myself flouncing around feeling a bit seventies - as in your mom in the seventies. The high waist of these sweats is glorious - I'm already looking forward to wearing them again.

Sweater - Thrifted

Sweatpants - H&M

Heels - Senso 

Images by Na Eun