Reuse - Reduce - Re-what?

Hat - Target

Jumpuit - Simons

Ankle Boots - Senso 

I would like to start this post by stating that in-between the past and this moment I dreaded being bored and having nothing to do. Let me tell you the amount of time I spent whining about how bored I was. Endlessly flipping through television channels, magazines - not being able to focus on any sentence from my previous solid 7 stack pile of To-Be Read book pile. Even the suggestion to people watch was dull. I was dull. 

And I have nothing profound to say about being bored except for the fact that I notice that I was also pretty boring as a person. Now I am facing a complete 180 (or maybe 270). With many many things to do! But what I've noticed is that even between these two extreme poles there is no difference! Much like when you go shopping and when you can't or haven't gone shopping for a while. Both result in having nothing to wear. Of course the cause is different but that frustration is the same. And so the age old challenge of being satisfied comes up - which is really just another discussion that I will open up another day. At the moment my consensus on clothing and how you fill your day up is reinvent! Maybe you can't take that vacation - and can only manage to shake up a small part of what you wear. However only the way in which you see yourself and what you have put around you can be changed or refreshened by you. I've been trying to sort of follow this train of thought by drinking 2L of water and restyling my wardrobe; if you know me these are two really big changes.

My first victim for the new and improved state of mind I think I am currently exhibiting is this jumpsuit! I bought almost two years ago and went on to promptly store it in my closet. Apart from the occasional glance and try on to ensure it still fit - this item of clothing has been nowhere.

Images by Gelline