Read In Week

Start with the notion that the importance of food increases with time. Once Monday and the thrill of thinking about sleeping in leaves your body, you're more done that dodo's. What also leaves your body with hope of sleep? Sense: enter a five dollar latte.

Blazer - Zara   Jeans - American Apparel  Sneakers - Nike  Turtleneck - Thrifted   Bag and Scarf - From Kenya

Continue with a new habit formed. Actually spending the school mandated reading week nose deep in stacks of books and journal articles. Shocking since I'd dreamt of maxing the week out with plans and a trip. But the thought of sitting at my desk and hunting in the library for information actually became more pleasing as the week drew nearer. Yes that was a nerd/geek alert. So I give you a small visual diary of the more aesthetically pleasing bits of my readings week. In between my Times New Roman 12 tears, ten open tabs and two word documents - there were small gaps of food and fun to be had. Mind you when not dining out I am open to bouts of prcrastibaking for the win - acting like my professors will smell the unearthed joys of chia seed eggs. With bouts of highlighting, colour coding notes and Micheal Lockley's fab locks in between.