Neoprene top - Neil Barrett   Dress (worn underneath) - Aritzia  Boots - Timberland  Jacket - Thrifted

If you've been here for a while you probably know that I love colour, now I'm not so sure whether I have any right to make that statement in the present tense. In the last two-ish months I've started dabbling heavily in wearing black. At first it was for comfort. I don't have to think hard about black. Toss it on and BAM, I'm good to go. More than that I can sometimes get away with repeating a sweatshirt a few times. A lovely pairing has been blooming in my closet, my laundry pile for black clothes growing steadily. However I've been too lazy in interpreting my all black looks for the camera. Call it being underwhelmed in a sensory manner, or relying on the old adage of black=chic. Call it whatever you want; watch this space for more interpretation!