Round The Way

Round The Way

Dress - Aritzia

Cardigan - RVCA

Bagpack and Sneakers (mens) - Nike 

Wearing a short dress in the summer is a great concept. Believe me I actually wholly embrace it. In my mind I see the sun shinning, melanin doing its thing and me in an outfit I love. Super hot, with a little chic detail  via my accessories - all in all a killer look. The reality of it all is that I can't eat without declaring to the world that my food baby is here, I can't have my usual ugly posture because my vanity gets the best of me and my germaphobic side is half screaming in the back of my mind every time my skin makes contact with a surface.

After two decades on this planet and then some I've only just decided to ignore my standards and go with the flow. This time last year I would have tried to style this with a manly blazer because #that'schic! However my growing sneaker collection and old age are finally knocking some sense into me! That and the fact that this dress is backless, trying to style it in a manner that is unpredictable to me and my usual aesthetic was a little difficult. Yo Gotti's confessions of everything going down in the DM were more than accurate seeing as many a snap was sent with multiple shoe and sweater considerations. I haven't been this anxious about what to leave my house in since I was a teenager. Shocking I know - I'm not teetering in 4 inch heels (yet) and in the spirit of adulting I actually have a bagpack. It's amazing. Na Eun who has seen my bag lady tendencies for more than half a decade was amazed at this fact and how light the bag was. Strike one for general back health - strike zero for me and my let me carry my whole house out tendencies. I mean shoulder bags are cool and very handy to swing at men who decide to talk to you even when your body language is yelling "as if" - this bagpack has multiple pockets. I'm saying good bye to chucking everything in one space aka the place where my life disappears, goodbye to frantically emptying it in every public place because I could have sworn that I brought a pen with me.