Trousers - Simons

Heels - Senso

How to keep moving on even when you haven't is the ultimate illusion. As nice as it would be for life to pan out in a linear motion I think we all deal with the sticky situation of being stuck while moving forward. Whether you're emotionally stuck to a time, person or event - or physically stuck, these entanglements make me wonder if there is a moment in life during which you can really achieve detachment. Not in the sense of actually being a metaphorical island, but accepting what is and moving forward.

Personally I feel that I have been going through some in house cleansing emotionally and otherwise in the last little while. It's no walk in the park, especially since I tend to compartmentalize everything - often forgetting to deal with it when 'later' arrives. Every time I want to give up I think of Tenacious D and the pick of destiny. I didn't watch that movie, all I know is Jack Black, but something about it sounds so cool.


Shooting in -14 weather was oddly cold seeing as the weather dips lower consistently. Let's just say that my fumbling to make sure I did not acquire some frost bite was unattractive, panicked and rushed. So much so that I didn't care that there was someone from the hairstylist academy watching me run back and forth.

I always tell myself that if law or polisci don't work out, I'll just get a PhD in foolishness.