I've never been good at making tough choices in general, unless led by instinct or pressured by duress. That is to say that I would never have worn blue and pink together unless it seemed to be an absolutely right choice in the moment. While my subconscious is obsessed with blue, a love for pink has eluded me and goodness knows that I have tried. Where every pink item that I've wanted in the last six months has either been out of my price range, or out of the seasonal range of the city I reside in - I took it as a sign from the universe. When things don't happen, they don't happen and you have to move on right? 

Fast forward to this past week, where a collusion between a sale rack at Topshop and my pink dreams would occur. Only the form taken wouldn't have been my first choice. As a member of the thick thighs committee I hate skirts with more passion than you could inject into the words chaffing. Because that's really all that happens unless precautionary measures are taken - mad chaffing. But the fact that this actually fit (major key alert!!!) and has front pockets erased any doubt that I held in my mind. 

Dreams do come true, just a little differently than imagined - and if you really want it you have to run with it. And run with it I did, into denim, the choker I've been obsessed with this side of forever and my tan kicks (which actively bruise my feet but beauty is pain right?).

Top - WEARJACOON      Skirt - Topshop      Sneakers - Nike      Choker - Martine Ali      Clutch - Matt & Natt