Staying Power

Scarf (on head) - Calvin Klein

T-shirt Dress - Oak & Fort

Sneakers - Nike

Seeing as we are living in the dawn of a new millennium the last twenty years have birthed so much change, I laugh a little when my parents describe their struggle typing in commands to the earlier versions of windows. Now things are faster and I doubt that very few of us actually know what our computers do when they're turned on. We like to think that we are concerned with function and form, however most people don't care about the engineered brilliance of IOs. The fact that your mac book is shiny, sleek and light while making you look cool and rich-ish is enough right? Whenever I talk to friends about why they're team Android and such they give every reason except the technology (unless you're talking phone camera's).

The same contradiction occurs in this new millennium. With brands rising up and gaining roots in an overly saturated market in tandem with a rising number of millionaires - even the rich don't seem to be dressing in style. Having means does nothing to cure the disease of lack of aesthetic. No shade here but I've seen some girl style literally change with the trends. As much as I'd like to say we are young, under twenty and still discovering it strikes me as odd that there isn't even one trend that sticks as they change. A few years ago everyone was neon and mesh, now we seem to be shear and monochrome. Two different looks that have come with drastic societal and economic changes. I myself will have to state that while I try to think I have some sort of 'aesthetic' you really couldn't have paid me to wear this t-shirt dress with red lips a few years ago. Call it getting older, or maybe just changing taste and lifestyle but I see the value of wearing one piece and scooting out the door. I wouldn't tell you though that everyone needs a t-shirt dress in their closet. Finding one has taken me two years because most fast retailers make them out of thinner cotton (which is cheaper). 

Which begs the question that all my trousers and multi-coloured dresses have probably been asking all summer- Does anything in life actually have staying power? 

Images by Na Eun