Approximately four months ago I started the monumental task of cleaning my closet. Not just organizing it, but getting rid of items on a massive scale. Which was frightening to me because I haven't really bothered ridding myself of clothes in 10 years or ever. I will attest to the fact that I had clothing from the fifth grade lingering.

The preemptive feeling was the unease my wardrobe had been leaving me with when I was confronted with the question of what to wear. Every morning I picked clothing out with dread - sticking to what I see as my hits. The looks that are garunteed to make me look amazing. The only issue was the fact that I didn't really have any joy in dressing. 

Long story short, this summer is almost over and I am almost done getting rid of items. I've taken to using the Marie Kondo method when cleaning. Getting rid of anything that doesn't spark joy. 

Let's be real, with the Canadian economy sinking and my need for travel rising, I can't afford to buy because the item of clothing might work in 6 months or a year.

Like many things in life, it's now or never.

Bodysuit - American Apparel

Dress - Oak + Fort

Heels - SENSO

Bag - Matt + Nat

Hat - Lack of Colour Aus

Images by Na Eun