Take Off Your Cool

Even though I'd rather not admit it a small part of my being enjoys reading up on the latest fashion trends. Part of the reason why I do so is to see if any innovation and truly original thinking, when it comes to dressing and such external expression, are occuring. Quite recently I've been reading articles on 'normcore' and the re-emergence of sports-lux. The conclusion I've come it is that I just don't have brain space left to care.

The dissection of trends always makes my head hurt with special pain that I reserve for essay sourcing and form filling. Apart from that with each new season that blooms I try to think less about how what I wear can be categorized and labeled. There is a different self that emerges when you dress for the sheer joy of it. Like when you were five - but hopefully this time you know the difference between a leg hole and an arm hole.

Leather Jacket - From Dubai

Blouse - Vintage

Trousers  - Zoa New York

Leather pouch - American Apparel

Ankle boots - Senso