What is really meaningful about these images is the fact that I'm nicer to the self seen through Na Eun's lens. I'm also more spontaneous and bashful? We took this look to three different locations over the course of an afternoon. Not letting our hunger, school created exhaustion etc stop us. That plus the fact that a little sunshine goes a long way in the mood lifting department. 

Collaboration has never been my strong suit. Ever since I was a wilder younger thing having to rely on another person for results has never been the right answer for me. Given that my ideas come sporadically and in a #teamtaurus effort I tend to last minute a lot of things. Take this outfit for example. Na Eun and I had been planning to shoot for at least three days, but I had to snapchat her 4 minutes before my bus passed about which shoes to wear. That moment of indecision and almost missed timing could have ended in disaster. However beyond my penchant for lateness there's also the issue of trust. Anyone can take a good picture, given the right amount of talent/skill etc etc. But when there's trust between a subject and an artist there's always a spark. As Imaan Hammam put it in her interview for Dutch Vogue, you have to make the photographer fall in love with you, or a piece of you in order to express something new. Or as I see it a different side of yourself. When someone else is photographing you there's a different light to your features. Not just because of trust but because they don't have the same neurosis about your body that you do. I will admit to not choosing a photo when I've done the solo gig if I think it makes me look fat regardless of whether or not the picture is A1 or not.