The Next Act

The Next Act

When we talk about women who are making it happen there is a gap in the tale. The triumph of a former start up always zips from the dream to the breakout moment without any stress on the moments in-between. Unless to highlight that her triumph was always in the cards. On one hand I want to be unforgiving and state that the media is doing it's misogynistic thing once more. After all you cannot make an it girl, often touted as being young and fresh, out of someone whose struggles are mundane and smell of being through it all. But I can also see the other side. It is with good reason as the middle part of a journey can often be torturous, only revealing the maximums of the human capacity to endure.

You've all previously seen Tia on this site, with mentions of her dancing ambitions and capability. 

This is the very edge of the middle of her journey. Nearing that next part with accompaniment by those first small triumphs and sorrows. Which reveal a pure type of joy akin to that of a small child who is discovering life for the first time. This summer was a little different. After spending a few years fully immersed in dance I can say that baby Tia is dead. Instead a new woman has emerged all at once confident and ready to conquer whatever lies ahead. 

This shoot was very last minute and unplanned unlike our previous work together. A few text messages and images back and forth were traded but day of was hitting the ground running. Torturing the engineering kids with the new frank ocean. Tia going through motions and reversing them when needed.

Watching her move felt powerful because I was being drawn into her space. However throughout the whole process I could feel a barrier between us. The space wherein I a non dancer could not reach her - and didn't need to.

I am patiently waiting for her next act.