The Truth Itself, Cuz Nothing Else Can Take Me So Far

The Truth Itself, Cuz Nothing Else Can Take Me So Far

How do you know about anything - the question that really haunts me subconsciously. While the idea working to keep things and people in your life is nice, it just doesn't align with my own personal philosophies. Don't get me wrong. I'm as much for attaining through effort, but I find that the things and people that I really treasure required no effort. I mean this in the sense that I didn't have to force them into my life, finding any way to justify why and how they belong.

Even though I have previously abhorred short dresses as club fare not meant for me, look I went back and scratched that idea out of my head due to the dress below. Because it has intricacy as far as pattern work goes I decided to let the dress really be the focus of everything.

With Paulina shooting I didn't worry about how short it was or any other such nonsense. I wish you could see this in the dark, there is such a subtle shimmer to it which is only noticed when I move slightly or the lighting catches it just so. 

Dress - Just Cavalli Shoes - Kodiak

Dress - Just Cavalli

Shoes - Kodiak