These Days


Bodysuit - American Apparel      Jeans - American Apparel      Jacket - Zara (Mens)         Sneakers - Nike (Mens)

With the sun peeking through so consistently in March, a lot of braveness is occuring. In my little corner of the world we rarely get such warmth (I'm talking ten degrees #winning) so early in the year. Many times April will float into our calendars before any seasonal warmth. A striking coincidence is my purchase of two body suits. For eons I've considered these numbers to be for those who have super fit bodies, a dancers body. And even after realizing that I was stuck with this forever (no returns) I told myself to wait. Maybe in three months I'd have the stomach of my dreams and would go out with the same unabashed attitude as Rihanna. But you know what it doesn't matter at all. It's a cheesy line but confidence will work wonders for anyone, myself included. Once I had it on I realized that there was nothing to do but remember my posture and the most important tenant of Tumblr borne art hoe looks - a hoe never gets cold.