Time Doesn't Exist; Only Clocks Do

I've never owned a jumpsuit,

I tell you no untruths, it's just that being more long limbed than most EVERYTHING tends to look inappropriately short. 

Apart from not wanting to get arrested for indecent exposure, I have to admit I don't like short items of clothing.

There is something about the skin exposure that could go wrong, coupled with sitting right on surfaces that rubs me the wrong way. 

When I saw this beauty I bought it without a second thought.

It wasn't just a bout of consumerism, but as you can not see this baby has pockets.

Pockets SOOO deep that I can chuck a paperback in them (not that I've actually tried to....)

Jumpsuit - Simons

Blazer - Vintage

Boots - Barefoot Tess

Jumpsuit phobia aside.

Taking these pictures was the first time we have take a space hostage.

Even though it was ten o'clock at night people still use elevators, so we timed the crowds and BAM this car was ours for a while.

This ride consisted of us frantically jamming the close door button, praying people wanted to take the stairs (New Years Resolution anyone?) and wondering if there was a camera in this elevator.

This is also a work outfit! Hence my half closed eye balls, and dark circles.

There are so many more work outfit pictures that I want to put up and recreate.