To Love & Die

The most pressing thought in my brain apart from Miss. Jhene Aiko's new single is the state of naming chicken thighs! I know, I have such high priorities on the first day of the week (isn't Sunday really the first day though?)

But really. This is a total syllogism BUT if chickens have thighs but not hips, then humans can't have hips and thighs at the the same time right? You don't go into your local butchers and ask for the freshest chicken hips now. What really brought this strain of thought on is shooting this dress, which had shortened in the 1 year and some months since I bought it. I feel that not having the infamous thigh gap has left me with a complex - that and the fact that my fifth grade teacher stated that puberty brought hips! To which I felt - being one of the few black girls all through junior high and highschool - I most definitely had. Until I wondered as to whether I was mistaking my own thighs for hips - as I scrutinize my legs mostly when I'm sitting and have a full view of them forgetting that my ass fat shifts and moves. And so I reserve that only grown women and not people in the last angsty teenage year like myself have hips.

Chickens cannot have hips - only hens can; you follow? So the next time Shakira proclaims her hips don't lie, I'll declare that my thighs don't either. 

Images taken by Gelline