Lack of sleep? You must most definitely be churning out some masterpieces that bear some equivalence to Van Gogh's. Or at the very least catching up on world affairs, discovering a new genre of music or philosophizing your way into a profound new sense of clarity and dawn. You will awake feeling and looking like a wreck - but a deeper, dark circled sexy wreck.

What a lie. Let me set the premise. For the longest time - aka my whole life - I have been a lover of sleep. If I was not awake and reading I was asleep and dreaming. I dreamt about sleep when I was awake too - boring classes and long winter bus rides had me turning sleep into that sweet far thing.

This all changed right about the time I became a teenager with a firm grasp over the words no. No I would not go to bed: who cares if it's an ungodly hour: who cares if the neighbours see the lights on and think there is a mad one on their hands? Soon I was frolicking through the night - messaging friends. Fast forward a year or two and I was still dancing past midnight - for my homework.

Oh, how the times change.

This past summer I decided to buckle down. 2 am musings were not as enlightening as I'd thought; my dark circles were not charming anyone, managing to actually scare some little children. Let's just say the switch was not easy. Some weeks were smooth and others so rough I felt as if I was mimicking a newborn's unpredictability.

Although if it wasn't for my lack of sleep I wouldn't have discovered how to hide beneath my makeup and the wonders of proper hydration. Remember folks - you might sleep when you're dead because you have coffee but you will most certainly feel like you're dying faster.

Images taken and edited by Paulina.

Blazer - Zara

Dress (worn open) - Vintage

Romper - Simons

Sneakers - Creative Recreation