I would be the first person to say that I do not like commitment. I don't have a standard meal at any restaurant that I frequent. I don't even have a consistent favourite colour (I hover between shades of blue). When I was fifteen I was a part of a book club where we would read books and talk about life. It was then that I termed myself a commitmentaphobe. Now whenever my friends talk about committing to a specific life, boy or girl I feel my heart constricting and boldly point out why I am a for myself type of girl. During such proclamations I usually start changing my mind. Today I will definitely like to travel and be alone and tomorrow I want a city to definitely call home and consistent friends and such. 

When it comes to fashion my pattern is even worse. Yes to leather because I eat meat - no to fur because I don't even know what a chinchilla looks like without Google's help. It's not reasonable to own anything silk or satin but I will for sure add anything full body velvet to checkout without a second thought.  I'm starting to pick up on places where I fail at not committing to my style (what should we call it?). I enjoy a specific silhouette. Slightly above the knee. The appearance of being covered up from the neck down, and of course shoes. Whenever I get a statement bag or a pair of shoes I wear them to death. Literally. Without changing them. I get lost during the breaking in phase. As soon as the bag or shoe stretches to accommodate my needs I'm like 'hey! Why would I want to leave this comfy situation for another?'

[*This doesn't count for anything outside of clothes and food really.]

Images by Gelline