Uniform doesn't always equal uniformity is what I'd like to say.  But after the last year or so of monochrome dressing being jammed down my optical nerve - I found myself itching for change. It's the perfect executions of minimalism that got me. Where was the personality - I asked. Where was that one detail, that quirk that told me the other person had a mischievous inner life?

The symptoms of my sensory underload presented themselves externally when I returned, what is now in hindsight, the most perfect black sweatshirt. It had no detail, with only a sleek neoprene body to speak for itself - back to the shop it went. Less than 8 hours later, I was practically sprinting to the store knowing I couldn't have a blank slate in a world of black slates. I dreamt of more baroque, maximalist inspired details. A little shimmer here, some fringed tassels there.

Not that this outfit speaks for my need to wear a piece of clothing that says hello before I do. I'm going to say that I'm trying to take it slow. Instead of doing the most in this getup and a colourful scarf, I left the scarf at home and decided the speckled of brown on my tweed coat would be enough for the day. 

Small steps or something right?

Jacket - Vintage                             Hat - Q Millinery

Shirt - Oak + Fort                           Jeans - American Apparel