Jacket - Men's      Jeans - American Apparel      Top - Neil Barrett        Heels - Senso

The first thing I consider, more than whether a location matches my outfit is safety. I don't see much mention of this but safety is super important. Yes that graffiti'd up wall looks dope, but you don't want to find yourself in the wrong neighbourhood with a camera that yells rob me louder than a horn. More often than not I opt to shoot in more public places. Of course there are sacrifices that one has to make when doing this such as making time concessions (waiting out a crowd can take a while). Today though the opposite happened when I ran into the boys in blue, otherwise known as the popo. My light gallivanting, and trying to look awake caught their attention enough to get off the train they were on. In short they were curious especially due to the fact that there was a woman who shot a porno in libraries. While I'm still searching for that news story, I've come to realize some places are safer than others but this whole blogging business will always raise questions.