T-shirt - H & M (mens)

Skirt - Asos

Ankle Boots - Senso

I'm dubbing this summer the 'Midi Season'. I don't know what happened but suddenly I am in love with skirts and must have everything that falls below the knee. It wasn't always so if you glimpse my past posts. More than that I distinctly remember being in the ninth grade. One of my best friends at the time always wore skirts while I was always found in trousers. We used to joke that we were polar opposites in this sense and many others - such as the fact that our initials were flipped. It seems that almost four years later I too have flipped. And after almost four months of loving the midi - I decided to try something with texture and a distinct fit. I mean my super loose skirts were cute but there were times where I felt like I was getting my granny silhouette on. Apart from upping my look this skirt also made me question how Kim K does it. I am always seeing her in these pencil skirt type of affairs. She literally lives in this aesthetic! Power to her for it but I have a question - how does she escape chafing. I hobbling through China town like those women you see in the yeast infection commercials and met the end of the day in pain because #nothighgap. The struggle is real friends and I will eagerly await her selfie book to see if any of her expressions give her trick away.

Images taken by Angie

Editing by me