Sweatshirt - American Apparel

Skirt - Pink Tartan

Heels - Senso

Bag - Crizzapi

Images by Gelline

Once upon a time, in a closet far, far away from me black was boring and my friends eyed me with shock when I disclosed the fact that I had only two black items in my closet. Oh how the times have changed. I feel that as I age I crave some sort of stability to circumvent my laziness. You know the moment when you get out of bed late, color is no longer magical because you will three times out of ten end up looking like you're trying to color block, or serve as a warning as to why you shouldn't colour block. Of course black isn't easy - what if you end up with blacks that don't match one could say. There is nothing chic about green and blue-black undertones clashing right. That's a risk I'd rather take these days. I have a feeling that this skirt is about to become my bae during the fall. I can already envision is layered with this delectable tan coat I should rush to the dry cleaners.