What You Give Is What You're Given

What You Give Is What You're Given

"I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go."

- Jeffery McDaniel 

The inspiration behind this set of images was sadness: being left and the emptiness inspired by winter. Most images or stories that I happen upon that depict winter have the same feeling of emotional vacantess. I think that is not always true. To me winter is like the colour black: it has the infinite possibility of being able to communicate everything and nothing at once. The idea of true sadness to me felt like bright colour. Colours which show a lot by being bright and punchy lack ambiguity in the sense that you can see hints of otherness within them. This not only streamlines the emotion that is conveyed, but the look in itself. The difference being that everything is heightened as the colour forces you to interact with only the emotion revealed - there is no time to be lost in your own retrospective. We also used an ombre lip in subtle berry tones - the worn look on the inside of the lip is to me the natural wear of lipstick when you eat, or the reverse as bold colours tend to age from the outside in as the day passes. 

This was one of the most challenging themes for me because I tend to emote underneath my own facial expressions. Unless you catch me when I think no one is watching, and have thus removed all barriers I am often happy or look angry. This is fueled by my own disconnect with my expressions but the knowledge that if I show sadness and it is captures as I hope I did above it can become etched in your face. I have day to day troubles that may be more or less than your own, but I am more preoccupied with not letting it show. Wrinkles seem to me as one of the best parts of aging because you can show others the type of life you have lived. When I encounter the old I am always taken aback by how deeply their smile lines vs. frown lines are etched into their faces. Perhaps to the point of foolishness I want more smile lines than anything.

Images taken by Paulina

Images 1-4 edited by me

Dress - Diane Von Furstenburg

Turtleneck - Dex