The question of what urban girls who have to do lists and life plans do in their spare time is one that remains unanswered. The question of what urban girls who are creative, witty and sharp do is something whispered about, but never addressed. I decided to take one of the creatives who I am also blessed to call a friend and trek about like the personal stalker I am in an attempt to answer the latter question.

Her energy is something that really permeates how whatever activity planned occurs. Subtle but cloying in the best of ways. More musk than patchouli. Her wardrobe choices are always cool, both in shade and execution. She is one of those people who looks deep and complex in a manner actually worth a Fitzgerald like write up because she is actually deep, complex and worthy of more than that..

I am not worthy.

There is a reason there is only one Won in my life - excellence below.

Images 1 & 4 taken by Won